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Forklift Speed Control

Forklift Speed Control

Fly By Wire Technology

The OZWEIGH Speed Control Kit eliminates the mechanical element of the existing throttle cable and substitutes it with fast responding electronics, this reduces the number of moving parts (and associated wear) and therefore requires minimum adjustment and maintenance.

The drive-ability of the forklift remains the same but with exception that the throttle setting is controlled to prevent over speeding, which in turn provides a safer work place.

How it works:

Like the throttle pedal position sensor unit the steer sensor has two potentiometers attached to it also. This unit is attached to the steer axle king pin (one side only), when the turning radius is increased beyond a set position the lift truck automatically slows to prevent sudden directional changes that could cause injury to passing pedestrians.

Double Protection:

The throttle pedal position sensor unit has two potentiometers attached to, achieving the accuracy required from the pedal’s movement. The diagram shows the throttle pedal assembly with the potentiometers attached to the side. The resistance ‘felt’ when the pedal is depressed is designed to give the same feel as a conventional throttle. The throttle pedal sensor communicates with the ECM module to regulate the carburetor assembly.

Prevents Sudden Directional Changes:

The ‘OZWEIGH’ systems have a specific ECM that incorporates the necessary programming to facilitate the input signals from the throttle pedal and steer wheel potentiometers and signal outputs to the electronic carburetor.

OZweigh - GPS System

OZweigh-GPS is an in vehicle safety device that provides a forklift driver with information about their driving environment.

OZweigh-GPS was designed to promote safe driving by complementing existing warehouse rules.

OZweigh-GPS has a digital speed map of the posted speed limits in the warehouse and surrounding areas along with a number of designated safety zone points of interest including Red allert pedestrian zones.

OZweigh-GPS is also an autonomous data logger and records where and how quickly the vehicle was driven. This information can be used to keep track of the forklift's use.


  • Alerts you when you are travelling faster than the speed limit in your zone.
  • Records the vehicle’s position and speed and allows the user to upload the data log to the my Ozweigh-GPS to form reports on your your PC.


  • Reduces tendency to speed when you are unaware of your forklift's speed.
  • Potentially reduces the likely hood of fatal accidents in the workplace.