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Digital Pressure Scales

Digital Pressure Scales

The Mk4 Weight Indicator uses the pressure in the lift circuit, coupled with a pressure transducer to output a signal to the Mk4 digital display unit. This method gives you an extremely accurate indication of the weight, but it is not a certified weight. That can only be done using load cells as a digital source. The most popular of these pressure scales is the MK4, designed and made in Australia to suit all makes and models of forklift trucks, this trouble free, easy to read design, has taken over from the old dial type indicators. 

The Mk4 is presently the most popular weighing system on the market and is being sold into North America and Europe. It is fast and easy to install and with it's pressure averaging technology gives drivers the confidence they need when handling heavy loads.

If you are wanting more out of your weighing system then you may consider either PWI-25/100 or LNW Mk2. 

The easy to install PWI-25/100 system uses the pressure from the lift cylinder to calculate within 2% of the lift trucks total capacity, the weight you are picking up and display this reading on an easy to read display.

The kit comes with a host of great features such as:-
  • Automatic and manual zero correction
  • Gross / net weighing
  • Automatic tare and manual tare weight entry
  • Total loads with sequential numbers
  • Error message in display
  • Automatic switch off after two hours of non-use
  • Overload protection 300%

You could also consider the LNW Mk2 digital display that can print dockets and total loads on the spot, carry out weight conversion Kilogram/pound and send all of this information plus many other reporting functions via RF to a remote location or hand held device.


Ozweigh Digital Display

At the heart of all Ozweigh weighing systems is a digital display monitor that has computing power and logic that can tackle a host of tasks in milliseconds and with accuracy that will save you being short or over shipped in the future. The shake/dust proof designs and clear legible displays are suitable for all type of equipment (e.g) forklift trucks, construction vehicles and static weigh stations.