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Keytroller, LLC - What it offers the Australian market place!

Keytroller, LLC - What it offers the Australian market place!

Access & Monitoring systems by KeyTroller

Ozweigh has added an access and monitoring system supplied by KeyTroller to it's range of products. Keytroller who are North Americas largest provider of electronic safety devices designed for forklifts and construction equipment. The KeyTroller range is reliable and is technically superior to all other units of it's kind on the market. With the cost of forklift servicing forever going up, keeping a check on your equipment is so important. The KeyTroller system are available with a complete range of custom sensors for ‘real-time’ monitoring of engine conditions and driver behaviour. Custom written software interprets the ‘real time’ data being sent from the unit so that fleet operators can keep a watchful eye on their equipment. This has immediate benefits for the fleet operators by reducing OH&S related incidents. Ozweigh and Keytroller have a joint product R&D and product sharing agreement in place that will lead to more safety equipment available for both markets. See below what the KeyTroller range has to offer.


KEYTROLLER 601 - 602 COLOUR LCD Vehicle Monitoring System

Keytroller 601/602 is a feature rich vehicle monitoring system that can be used on a range of vehicle types such as fork lift trucks, mobile pant and equipment. The new 601/602 has as had some major updates to the 501 series which it replaces:-

  • COLOUR LCD Keypad with RS232 serial connection and RFID card reader - specify type:
  • Standard, HID-Prox, HID i-class Weatherproof enclosure and temperature extreme components. 
  • Adjustable mounting bracket. 
  • Relay Sensor module with sensors input with power and RS485 connection for relay and shock module. 
  • Optional: shock abuse module, speed sensor, and external alarm.

Whats new

Not only does the 601/602 look good but it is easy for operators to understand and read. With the larger screen and more powerful processor instructions are delivered instantaneously, no hesitation to confuse the operator. We are always looking to improve the product to keep it up to date with lift truck technology.

  • Faster upload and refresh rate (X20)
  • More Memory (X20)
  • New firmware features being developed frequently
  • Waterproof, Custom enclosure
  • Colour display
  • Larger display
  • Keys for “texting” input from operator
  • Built in WiFi (verify encryption capabilities)
  • Multiple bracket options
  • Easy change RFID readers

What lift trucks will they fit on ?

Keytroller 601/602 series are compatible with any make or model, whether it be Diesel , Electric or LP-Gas powered, we have universal kits that are adaptable to almost all lift trucks available world wide. It comes with easy to follow installation instructions, driver training and full service support. Out technical services are available to make the whole implementation to Keytroller go as smooth as possible. 


Absolute Security

More accidents are caused each year by un-authorised personal using a forklift. The Keytroller 'Swipe Card System' or keypad PIN system makes your forklift more secure than the regular ignition key system.