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Digital Fork Scales

Digital Fork Scales

‘OZWEIGH’ Fork Scales offer more flexibility and accuracy of weighing than any other liftruck weighing device available on the market today. Forged steel forks, fitted with load cells and a slipper blade assembly, combine to make a very strong, light weight pair of scales that do not de-rate your forklift truck. The ‘OZWEIGH’ Fork Scales can be coupled to a range of display modules to further enhance the benefits of this attachment.

The ‘OZWEIGH’ Fork Scales now open a wider range of industrial markets than ever before to the advantages of mobile weighing ‘OZWEIGH’ Fork Scales are designed and made in Australia to suit all makes and models of forklift trucks. They come with their own power supply and an RF transmitter that passes all the data from the forks to the digital display. They can easily be transferred between liftrucks as there is no wiring over the mast.

The ‘Load Cell’ technology used in this design makes this unit fully certifiable as a weighing device. It comes in a variety of fork sizes and capacities to suit all makes and model of liftrucks. The ‘Lift-N-Weigh’ Mk1 weighing indicator can carry out a host of tasks all from the driver’s seat - No more long trips to the weigh bridge.


Ozweigh Digital Display

At the heart of all Ozweigh weighing systems is a digital display monitor that has computing power and logic that can tackle a host of tasks in milliseconds and with accuracy that will save you being short or over shipped in the future. The shake/dust proof designs and clear legible displays are suitable for all type of equipment (e.g) forklift trucks, construction vehicles and static weigh stations.