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Digital Carriage Scales

Digital Carriage Scales

Carriage Scales offer more flexibility and accuracy of weighing than any other lift truck weighing devices available on the market today. They are especially handy for those applications where oversized forks are required or quick detachable attachments are used. (eg) bucket scoops, jib cranes.

The OZweigh carriage scales take load handling and weighing to a new level of productivity. Low profile load cells are mounted on a Hi Visibility integral sideshift/load backrest fork positioner so that repositioning loads, forks or simply weighing a load can be done from the drivers seat.

The OZweigh carriage scales can also be coupled to a range of accurate digital display units.

Ozweigh Digital Display

At the heart of all Ozweigh weighing systems is a digital display monitor that has computing power and logic that can tackle a host of tasks in milliseconds and with accuracy that will save you being short or over shipped in the future. The shake/dust proof designs and clear legible displays are suitable for all type of equipment (e.g) forklift trucks, construction vehicles and static weigh stations.